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Official start of the project will be on the 10-th of October, 2020
But readers of this website can already join the project by this LINK

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As you know, the new business platform of Levelnaut company will be launched at the beginning of October, 2020. A lot of specific tools and functional elements will be implemented there. But they are not the subject of this post.
Now, I would like to underline some interesting points, that will not be probably lighted by anyone. Why? The answer is very simple – they refer to my own focus of vision.
So, first of all I want to mention, that new Levelnaut business platform IS NOT A CRYPTO project. “WHAT???”- one can ask. “What do you mean “not a crypto”?? But you are one of the desperate and crazy crypto enthusiast. What do you mean, saying not a crypto?”
Yes, guys, that is exactly the point. Crypto activity is an interesting and involving process, but… First, I don’t like to start my own business based on crypto only. Acting this way, I perfectly well understand that – my target auditory will be not a big one, and the business itself will be very risky. That is why, we don’t create our own coin, don’t use blockchain technology and don’t limit our possibilities this way. Secondly, by the last time I am very disappointed in altcoins to create one more potentially “dead coin”. Though we will work with crypto projects in our training programs and some of them are included in our business packages. Also we accept payments and make withdrawals in crypto (by means of crypto payment systems) too.
Secondly. We don’t use any classic MLM schemes, I mean binary, matrix etc, We have chosen the 2-tier affiliate programs at all 10 levels of Levelnaut business platform. The reason is obvious – the majority of internet users prefer exactly this model of earning and investing.
Third. We try to avoid all that boring long webinars in our work. The preferance is given to Support Groups in all languages, created in all popular messengers. This way we also protect our users from the effect of “silent sponsor”.
And the last moment, that should be minded, when saying “thoughts before the start” – is formula 50x50x50. This model means 50 projects we deal with (this number of project is included in our training programs), 50 our own products and 50 our own services. Though we haven’t presented our RoadMap, that is or main landmark. But all that will be discussed probably in the next posts and articles.

Boris Siomin,

The world is changing very quickly today. Unfortunately, this is not going for the better. We are talking not only about ecology, but also about what happens in everyday life. Circumstances are developing in such a way that it is already very difficult to believe not only in basic income, but even in ordinary pensions or any other social programs. Taking into account the fact that the population is rapidly growing, and the resources on the planet are becoming less and less, many global problems arise.

We cannot change the world, it is in the power of other people, but we can change our mind, our lifestyle and our habits. One of these habits is the belief that there is some kind of “magic project” on the Internet, in which you can solve all your problems. Because of this, many stressful situations occur, there are big losses and very often disappointment comes.

The Levelnaut Team is a group of people who have decided to act together in the same direction. What one person cannot do, can be done by a group of like-minded people who work in the same information field.

Based on the idea that in today’s life the most significant problems are Money, Health and Knowledge, we decided to carefully select projects that allow us to develop a business in these areas.

Therefore, if you join our project, you can rely on collective experience, minimize risks and help you find the best and most profitable solutions.

We also very actively work over starting our own project and you have a good chance to be one of the first participants.

Currently we can say, that there will be 10 levels at our project. Each level will be named by a definite color


Each portfolio contains 5 projects, that we deal with. Soon details on the  Description, Strategy of work, Recommendations and links to support groups in any language will be provided. We have selected the best projects, most of which  are multi-tiers and multi-levels. This makes it possible for every user to specialize in any project from the portfolio of each level and to devote more time, effort and money to exactly those that they like the most.

The portfolio of each level will not be constant. Business on the Internet is a rather difficult process, so some projects stop working for one reason or another. But the Levelnaut team will closely monitor all changes in the quality of projects and replace low-quality proposals in time.

A few words about how portfolios will be formed for each level. First principle – All projects will be selected according to the principle from the simplest to the most complex. The second principle – Your time and investment costs will also increase as you move up the levels.

Therefore, if you are a strong leader with a very serious and prepared team, you can join our project at any level. For beginners, as well as people with little  experience  in the Internet business, we recommend starting from the first level – Mint.

We will also provide our users Support Groups in all languages and in the most popular messengers – WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, Viber and Discord.

You will be able to take part in our 3-tier affiliate program, enabling you  to succeed this way. We plan to deal not only with aside projects, but with our own products and services too. Our final model looks like 50×50. That means we will also work out and implement our own 50 projects too.

Levelnaut Project is a very good chance for everyone to succeed in these three basic directions – Money, Health and Knowledge. The most active participants will be able to move on in their professional career too.

Levelnaut Team Manifest
Messengers and Chats

Here is Registration to Levelnaut project.

Get Paid to Contribute Information
QoinPro changed the front-end of her website to provide information to people worldwide about the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic. The website will focus on the consequences of the virus (and how to solve the problems) and not necessarily on the virus itself.

The website still needs a lot of work, but we wanted to share it with you anyway, because the information we’re looking for is necessary now and it gives you the opportunity to earn extra money.

Solutions can include, but are not limited to:

Government support / subsidies for residents
Government support / subsidies for SMEs (rental, labor, etc.)
Industry specific relief measures (restaurants, parlors, bars, taxi drivers, etc.)

Tax relief measures for residents and companies
Leniency with regards to payments in the commercial sector
Support programs for vendors / suppliers to help ailing companies
Access to professional help for physical, domestic or mental problems
Alternatives for making money in the case of a lost job / bankruptcy
Solutions for collaboration, or how to work from home
Access to products that are hard to find for individuals and SMEs
Etc. etc.

The idea is that most countries in the world have announced such measures, but many people / SMEs don’t know how to access the information or how to apply for it. QoinPro is going to change that and provide this information for a low monthly fee.

The monthly fee is necessary, because the information is updated every few days in most countries, and we rely on YOU, as our user to help contribute and keep the information up-to-date, similar to how Wikipedia works, with the difference being that based on your contributions you get paid a commission. A percentage of what the people are paying to access the information.

Sounds great, but first things first, where are my Coins?

All your coins you had with QoinPro are still accessible here. You can also click on “Access QoinPro Wallet” in the upper right area of the website. This part of the website will continue to be available and continue to be developed in parallel. Your coins are not at risk.

How will I get Paid? What’s the business model?

Although much of the information will be free, information relating to how to apply for relief measures / government support requires a user to pay a monthly fee of $4.98 per month per country. All this income is added together and 30% is distributed among the contributors.

How can I apply to become a contributor?

The procudure is manual at the moment, because a lot is still changing on the website. Please contact me directly at: wouter@qoinpro.com and let me know for which country /countries you want to apply. Ideally, in the beginning we are looking for one or a few serious contributors per country.

What are the minimum/maximum requirements?

There are no minimum or maximum requirements. Success of the platform depends on the contributions for the website. Having said that, initially we’re looking for people that believe in the idea and can dedicate some time to keeping information up-to-date.

When will the website be updated?

This is a soft-launch from the newsletter, it has only gone out to 10,000 people to identify any issues and determine the best procedures. The website will be updated on a daily basis.


If you have any questions, please contact us at support@qoinpro.com and we will reply to you within 2 days
Newsletter by QoinPro
Register at QoinPro

Risk management appears to be the main part of successful trading on the stock exchange. Risk control in the market requires not only close attention to their size but also a strategy to minimize losses. Follow these tips to diminish your risks:

·         Before each transaction, carry out preliminary preparation. Of course, this recommendation is not for scalpers who have to make decisions literally in seconds. When opening a trading position, you should clearly understand the possible financial risk and have an action plan for any scenario of the development of the market situation. View this EXANTE broker review, to learn more about risks.

·         Each trader should have his own trading strategy. It can be based on technical indicators, fundamental factors, or a combination of both. Before using the trading strategy, it is advisable to test it on a demo account. Alternatively, you can have it tested on your real account but small lots should be used. By the way, some brokers allow their clients to use small lots. It enables traders to trade real money without risking large sums. Once you are assured that the strategy really works, you can deposit more money to your trading account.

·         Diversify your investments: You need to realize that risking 100% of capital by investing all of your money is a foolish approach to stock trading. Instead, you require reducing the risks of your portfolio. The risk per open position shouldn’t exceed 1-5% of your trading capital. For more effective diversification, your portfolio should include financial instruments whose prices are not inclined to move synchronously.

·         You need to be able to recognize your own mistakes and control losses. Even experienced traders sometimes suffer unexpected losses. If the market moves against you, close your trading positions partly or completely, thus reducing your risk.

·         When trading, try to control your emotions. Of course, it’s not an easy task. However, make it a rule to take a break for a while when you receive a certain amount of losses in a row or if you lose a certain amount of money. Of course, the size of the loss and the length of the break (in hours, days or weeks), it’s an individual matter. So, there aren’t any specific recommendations here. If you have failed while trading within a day, then, perhaps, it will be enough for you to take a break before tomorrow’s trading session. If you use long-term strategies and they have recently begun to let you down, then it makes sense for you to have a rest for several months. During this time, relax, explore the economic situation, wait out some crisis moments, analyze various fundamental factors, and only after this, you may return to stock trading.

Trading with the EXANTE broker effectively

As you know, EXANTE that meets all the requirements of the SEC regulator offers to trade stocks, futures, options, currencies, etc. Perhaps, you think that it doesn’t matter what to trade. However, it makes sense to take some time to make the right choice.

Novice traders aren’t recommended to trade futures and options. First, it’s better to learn stocks or currencies. When choosing stocks from a large number of listings, it is easy to get confused. If you do not yet have much experience in stock trading, avoid trying everything. You shouldn’t make too many trading decisions. Decide on the industry group whose shares you will be dealing with for the first time. An industry group can naturally include more than a hundred stocks, but it is better for a beginner to focus on a dozen.

It is advisable for this dozen to include blue-chip stocks because they are more stable and less prone to unpredictable fluctuations. Of course, from predictable stocks, you can only expect moderate profitability. Therefore, if you came to the stock exchange not as an investor, but as a speculator, then you should not focus only on blue chips. However, act consistently and very carefully. Increase the risk of your transactions gradually. Gain experience and smoothly expand the scope of your stock exchange interests.

If you stick with the EXANTE brokerage, you will have a good chance to succeed. This respected broker offers a unique trading platform developed by itself. The trading terminal is very easy to use thanks to the availability of the Drag-n-Drop feature that enables traders to easily manage windows and panels of the terminal.

The trading terminal offers 150,000 assets that can be traded from a single account.

Read more about Exante – https://exante-otzyvy.ru

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