Here you can read the most interesting articles of the site in English. The project “Levelnaut” was created a few years ago, so many of its components have undergone changes.

Including the  term “levelnaut” itself, which now reflects the lifestyle more than belonging to any project or social group.

Levelnaut today is a person who sets certain goals for a certain period (level) and tries to reach them. These periods can be very different, depending on the person himself.

Levellnautt is a person who prefers to invest into himself, in his own development, in his self-education, in improving his skills, and not in “stone, wood and iron.”

Nevertheless, it is interesting to see how it all began and was born.

Do you know what is levelnaut?

Everything About Levelnauts

Are you a levelnaut?

Levelnauts Левелнавты

Local Guides Plus Levelnauts Is… Местные Гиды Плюс Левелнавты Равняется…

levelnaut and AI левелнавт и ИИ


Levelnauts ABC

New Realities — Levelnauts, Statistics, Prospects

Game Instructor and levelnaut

Game-instructor and levelnaut-2

L-Events and Lifehacks

Should I pass the course?

Proposals, statistics and so on

To all English-Readers

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