Are you a levelnaut?


I had written about it in Steemet. Unexpected continuation has got the article about the motivational game Levels Of Your Advanced Life (LOYAL). This post became rather popular in Steemit and got a lot of likes there.
As a result of the game a new concept has appeared both in English and in Russian languages in December of 2016. This concept is “levelnauts” and now I will explain you what does it mean.
But, first of all, I will remind you, that the idea itself was born in English Club Haifa, and two first levelnauts you may call Boris Siomin (the owner of the club) and his wife Oksana Danovich, who had passed their first 3-months level exactly to 31-st of December of 2016.
Mind also, that we didn’t celebrate The New Year Holiday, but New Level Day..

We celebrate this holiday every three months at the end of each level. We think, that it is not fair nowadays to wait so long time for starting the new period in life, as life has accelerated significantly.
So, we celebrate Levelnauts Day not only on 31 of December. There are three more holidays with the same name – on 31-st of March, 30-th of June and 30 of September.
It is very interesting to think over about the next celebreation. It could be done in different places every time. The main idea of the holiday is to check all the data, to check passing the previous level and to prepare to the next one.
That is a very good chance to share some ideas and thoughts with the partner. Sure the partner will be glad to get your recommendations and advices according to the new List Of Goals.
Time is passing very quickly, and we obligatory should make certain changes in our personal development. The game Levels Of Your Advanced Life – is a very good tool for that.
Now we have many followers, People like our ideas and share them. ABC of Levelnauts has been worked out and many other concepts and documents.
In ABC are mentioned all the main rules and concepts, that are used in the game. If are are not acquainted with them – it will be very hard to succeed.
New people join us practically every day, they come with their own ideas end experience. So the project has a very good future. We have no doubts in that.

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