What? Basic Income?? Sooner you rejoice!

The topic is complex and controversial, but I just can not avoid raising up this question. Yesterday levelnauts discussed this issue and came to the conclusion that “not everything is so simple and rosy.”


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No, I am not saying that “basic income” – is good or bad. Time will put everything to its place. There are a lot of experiments all around the world in this direction, so statistical reports, analysts will say more.

But one thing is already obvious – we all must be ready to basic income . Otherwise, it could be a perfect machine of people annihilation, which only had dreamed some famous dictators about.

Today, robots without any emotions and doubts throw out of plants and factories thousands of people. More and more people start thinking not only about where “to earn”, but better to say, where to sell their labor and their lives.

And also it is not an easy task. You should not only check daily all that “progressive technologies”, market trends, money traffics, headhunters’ trends, etc., but also you should try to… predict them.

Even programmers who felt well enough all the past years, are not so self-confident today especially after victories of Artificial Intelligence over the best go and poker players. And we haven’t start talking even about the programs which Artificial Intelligence writes itself and to itself.

We can laugh as much over famous “British scientists”, but a few days ago British Parliament, and no other one, urged to prepare students to compete with AI. And it is very good and actual idea, I think.

The fact that the homo sapiens, or “wise man” is not very relevant nowadays. Better chance of survival, to my mind, has homo ordo altus, that could be translated as “a highly organized man” (correct me, experts in Latin, please).

Maybe that was the reason for me to appear to the ideas of levelnauts. Future plans of humanity are amazing, no doubts. But again, is a modern man ready to all the changes?

Not only external factors are changing, but also internal. Even within the family unit more and more young couples do not plan to have offspring, and more and more middle-aged people do not want to hear anything about any help “in looking after their grandchildren.”

My question to levelnauts was whether they are ready to study in some technical college, for example, in Haifa Technion. There was not much enthusiasm. And frankly speaking, I was not surprised. And the matter is not only that “technology is rapidly becoming obsolete,” but the fact that today you can learn what you like and how you like staying at home.

One guy in US learns new disciplines and professions on bet in short time for prizes, if I am not mistaken. And what to say, if the famous Massachusetts Institute of Technology recently laid out into “open source” many of its programs. But what? All rushed to study them ??

However, now I’m talking not about technologies, but about basic income. I would recommend to all those people, who are planning to “lie on the couch, eating cookies and watching television”, if this “paradise (basic income)” will come, not to relax much.

If we do not learn how to properly invest into ourselves, that is into our health, knowledge, skills, if we will not teach our relatives how to organize our lives on the next level, will be like in the famous proverb “boys to the left and girls to the right” That means, those who want only “to get basic income, and lay on the couch watching TV and eating cookis” to the right and those “who are ready to rebuild themselves, improve, to develop etc.” – left. What will happen next, you can imagine yourselves.

Of course, I have exaggerateв a little, but my intuition that rarely fails, tells me that it’s high time to look around and to wary.

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