Levelnauts ABC

As I promised, today I will introduce you the ABC of levelnauts, that is used in the LOYAL game. Sure, many things will not give you the full understanding, but let’s do everything step by step. Just one thing I want to add. Nothing would be officially translated into other languages. You may do it personally for yourself, but officially, there will be no other translations. The reason is very simple – the majority of original information nowadays is produced in English. So in order not to deal with countless rewrites in many languages, we prefer to deal with originals. If it is an additional filter to someone, the only way out is to study English properly.

So, now, let me start.

Levelnauts ABC– it is the basic instruction and explanation

Multi-Goal – not a regular goal, but a set of small one-type goals. For example, you may include into your next List Of Goals an item “Shopping”, consisting of things, that you plan to purchase. The price of them is a little bit higher, than price for things you buy every day and they should be useful not only for life, but also for passing next levels.

Holidays – we celebrate only a few special community holidays. They are New Level Holidays and there are four of them: on 31-st of December, 31-st of March, 30-th of June, and 30-th of September. (Other common social holidays everyone may celebrate or not)

Game Booster – it is usually the last month of each level, when you use all the reserves in order to pass the level. It should be also taken into account, that some Goals of the List have already been realized to this moment.

Levelnaut – is a person, that not only plays the game, but also follows the levelnaut lifestyle.

L-Events (elevents) – any common, collective action of local or regional community of levelnauts.

L-Prentice (elprentice) –a person, who wants to be a game-instructor, and prefers not to pay for the special course, but to work out its cost.

List of Goals – you should have 10 of them (exactly) for every level; learn how to form the list and prepare it in advance.

LOYAL – is the system of teaching English and Level Passing (Level s Of Your Advance d Life)

SGI – certified game instructor

LNBase (elenbase) – local educational center

Game Instructor – it is a teacher, a couch in the game.

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