New Realities – Levelnauts, Statistics, Prospects

As you know, friends, we are now developing our project, and we can easily say now that “levelnaut”, as the concept has already been developed, although just a few months ago, Google issued a zero issue to the request of “levelnaut.”

You can sum up the first subtotals. The community of levelavtins is growing steadily and to the end of March there will be the first “Level 3 Levelnauts”.

Our small blog in wordpress, which is only a couple of months old, is already visited by up to a thousand Web users per day, and it indicates a growing interest to the topic. By the end of the fourth level, a new group of game-instructors will appear, which are now nave been being taught in English.

they will become certified specialists with the right to teach the game on a fee basis, but that this will greatly expand the project’s possibilities and will enable to prepare levelnauts in much larger quantities if there is a need. And it will arise. people contact us, they ask questions and want to know about the new opportunities, plans, options for cooperation, etc.

Sometimes it is hard to explain hundred times, that we have no political predilections. We treat all politicians in the only legitimate option – as temporarily hired by us employees, which we hope will not be needed in the future.

We do not have anything against religion, in any form (for this is a very personal matter), it’s just that we have “four additional New Year Holidays in your usual calendar year”, that means we don’t celebrate mew years, but new periods every three months. That is, we are also not a sect.

Recently, another forecast was published by Ray Kurzweil, in which he predicts the onset of singularity by 2029. Old buddy Kurzweil is very rarely mistaken. But he also says that his forecasts have one drawback, they say, they are excessively “cautious”)). So in real life, things can come much sooner.

And it is he who, unlike some other progressive people of the planet, does not expect with a horror the dominance of Artificial Intelligence, but on the contrary predicts a positive merger with him. Therefore, everyone prepares for this as he sits on the right. But pretending that “nothing happens” is simply stupid and short-sighted.

However, enough philosophy, life will put everything in its place. I wanted to make a short interim report, I did it. As for plans and prospects, everything is simple here – forward to a new level. !

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