Game Instructor and levelnaut

It is very good that people begin to delve into the details and lifestyle features of the levelnauts. Some of them even try to understand the terminology detailed in Levelnauts ABC and in all nuances. Asking questions and getting answers – we are  usually move forward. In addition, it is also the shortest way to get the information you need.

So, today we will clear up what way the Game Instructor differs from the usual levelnaut.

First of all, the concept of Instructor, means that a person can explain or to teach something. It is also necessary for him to have a certain experience, otherwise all his explanations will be just a “naked theory”. People are mostly interested in practical moments, the peculiarities of their individual promotion in the project.

Game Instructor is a levelnaut that has already prepared at least ten levelnauts, that means, he had taught (free of charge) these people the rules of the game LOYAL, he himself has passed not less than three levels and is ready to teach professionally (receiving payment for lessons), in English too.

His first official level, the future Game Instructor always passes under the guidance of another (more experienced, according to passed levels) game instructor.
Unlike the other levelnauts, he receives a certificate of completing the full course of  the game LOYAL and his  personal data are recorded in the official register of the project.

Only after that the Game Instructor gets the opportunity for his further growth, he can become a Local Master in the future and so on. He  will also be able to take an active part in the immediate development of the project, in taking important decisions, etc.

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