L-Events and Lifehacks

It’s very exciting to follow the development of the project. To prove these words – it is enough to say, that half a year ago there was not a word in Google Search about levelauts. Moreover, there was no such term at all.

Many levelnauts themselves tell about the magical changes that occur in their lives. However, this is already a topic of another article and each of the community members  can share all these “miracles” himself and it it will happen one day..


In the meantime, we will continue to get acquainted with certain terms more attentively. There is a sense to understand everything in more details, otherwise the “puzzle will not work out”.

So, today we will not consider the whole system of levelnauts education, but just stop at L-events and lifehacks. Sorry, there is no need to discuss lifehacks. This concept is already understood by almost everyone today. Many people have also understood that it is profitable to learn something by means of lifehacks for they not only prompt  very interesting solutions, but also save a lot of time/ and that is especially important for levelnauts.



As for the “L-Events” they have several purposes at the same moment. In the Levelnauts ABC, you may find the following definition: “… L-Events – any common, collective action of local or regional community of levelnauts …” That means, L-Events are joint, collective actions of the regional community of levelnauts.

But in contrary to Lokal Guids (Google Map community), levelnauts have some other reasons to gather.


They can use the Google Maps service to create their own maps, but they have some other kinds of common activities as well.

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