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Yesterday one man called me and asked: “How can I become a levelnaut? What do I need for that? “At first I wanted to reply that the site has all the information on this topic, but then decided to clarify a little. And as it turned out, not in vain. So, now I will do it again, but in a special article. Perhaps, someone else will find helpful the answers.

So, to say in short, in order to be a levelnaut you should be… a levelnaut. That is, you just to follow a certain lifestyle. It was already told a lot at website You can simply select the menu items “RUSSIAN” or “ENGLISH” and choose then the article of interest there.


Then everyone decides for himself whether he should measure life not by years but by levels in three months, form new, useful habits and skills, invest in himself, in his health, in his education or vice versa – just spend the released life-time. In other words, the lifestyle of the levelnaut is a variant of optimizing personal life according to actual external conditions.

Details can be taken or ignored. But if you do not accept, then it will be something else, which is also not prohibited and everyone decides everything for himself only.

At this point, there is another question: “Is there a difference between the concepts of” levelinaut “and” game-instructor “?”


Yes, there is a difference in these two concepts. A game instructor is a kind of a coach, a teacher, who helps to make the first steps for those, who plan their personal growth in the project. This is not just a player adhering to some rules, but one who has a certain experience in teaching not only the general technique, but also in all the nuances of the game LOYAL

And this skill could  be easily considered as a profession, that is in demand today and will be one in the nearest future. In order to become a certified game-instructor for the game LOYAL, you need to pass a special training course, which is conducted by more experienced trainers exclusively in English.


Therefore, English speakers have an advantage here, and everyone else needs to raise the level language, at least to intermediate (in case the training course  is conducted by a professional teacher English teacher-levelnaut, having the status of a certified game-instructor) or to advanced (for all other cases).

In other words, an English-speaking person has to pass only  the course of the game- instructor, everyone else must have a good command of English in order to become an instructor.


But I  repeat, in order just to be a levelnaut it is not necessary. It’s enough just to follow the levelnaut lifestyle and to play the game LOYAL.

As for the course itself, it lasts 20 hours, that is, 20 lessons for one hour and costs at least $ 5 per hour or more (depending on the level of the game-instructor that providing this course). Payment is made only for the entire course (that is, the full price is about $ 100 or a little bit higher).

If you have any questions regarding the course, you can send them to my personal email address But in the future, more detailed instructions on all will be placed in this website.


Boris Siomin

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