Should I pass the course?


As you know, we don’t have “FAQ” in this website. If you have any questions, you may just press the buttons ENGLISH or RUSSIAN in our main menu, and find information there.  Also we have SEARCH and Tag Cloud at the bottom of the page and Tags Cloud. In comments you may also ask any question you like.

One of the last questions had recently been got exactly this way.  You can read it now at the title of this post.

Now, I will explain you the situation. As you are a native-speaker or a user with advanced level of English you SHOULD pass the course of LOYAL (Levels Of Your Advanced Life) anyway.  But only  a case you want to be a game-instructor, to teach people, to get a certificate, to be registered in the official list of game-instructors, to make a career in the project.


If you just want to play the game you may read the posts or ask any levelnaut about the rules of the game.

Currently, we don’t have many game-instructors to teach the subject, so you should apply personally to the management. But soon, I hope, we will have game-instructors in every locality. mind also the possibility to teach and to study by Skype.

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