New word – levelnautics

Well, with the easy submission of the website in the world appeared the new term – “levelnautics” Since this moment all the references to this word will only increase the issue in search queries. But meanwhile, it looks like this:


It’s nice to know, that our website is read in Ukraine, especially since there are a lot of our potential like-minded people, people who are striving to optimize life, setting goals and achieving them in a three-month period, people who are close and interesting to the game LOYAL (Levels Of Your Advanced Life).

In the nearest future, there will appear an information product, that is, a book, with a detailed description of the game itself, with success stories, unusual and very real force majeures circumstances, etc.

Especially it will be in demand in the event that the certified game-instructors will become much more, when new products and services from the offered community of levelnauts will appear on the market.


But for now, the maximum level that has been achieved by some of the levelnaut is the second.

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