To all English-Readers

Dear, English-Readers! I am writing “readers” instead of speakers on purpose. I have a proposal to all people, who reads these words in English.

As you know (or probably can guess) all the materials of this website are FREE. I appreciate the idea of “open source” very much.

Maybe some of you have noticed that I use the illustrations here from Pixabay (according to Creative Commons licence), that means also FREE.

That doesn’t mean, that we don’t have paid products (for example, the course for game-instructors is paid).

But in my opinion, the promotion of this technique may be helpful and useful for many people, especially taking into consideration of the coming era of Artificial Intelligence.

So, I don’t mind your publishing any parts and materials of this website in your private blogs websites and any other media.

So, I don’t have a mandatory demand, but a kindly request – to help with translation into other languages (including including recommendations and corrections to English version, as I am not a native-speaker).

How things could go in this situation? In very simple manner. If you are ready to translate anything, you just write me to and I will give you a personal access to admin panel and you will also get editor’s functions here.

Than we will make in menu (your language column) and after publishing materials here, you will be able to publish it anywhere else.

Thank you in advance and mind, that it is A PROPOSAL ONLY (any comments are welcome).

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