Sharing Positive News

I have told you already about our English Cub Haifa, but now I would like to share some interesting facts, some unusual observations, that could be considered as tendencies.

Probably you have already known, that in our meeting we exchange POSITIVE NEWS only. I had explained already the reason. But, you know, the stream of negative new has become so strong and massive by the last time, that our club members complain, that it is extremely hard to find at least anything positive in it.

You may easily check it – just get into some NEWS in any media. That is why we will continue sharing ONLY POSITIVE, in order to survive in this strange world.

Another interesting fact. As you know, we have some light treats in our meetings. Previously, people willingly tasted some cookies, candies and sweets. But now, they will not even touch them.

That could be explained very easily – people, who invest in themselves, who find time and money for different activities, as a rule, follow healthy lifestyle.

That means our club meetings gradually change into a kind of Academy of positive knowledge and useful information.

Maybe it sounds a little bit ambitiously, but thing go this way.

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