What to pay attention to

There are many things what I advise to pay attention to, even though the book  and other information has not been translated into English and other languages.

The project about levelnauts, the game LOYAL and the book “New Year – every three months” are becoming very popular. I don’t suggest it. It is a fact, clearly supported by statistics.

Look, the website was officially opened at the beginning of January, but in 3, 5 months it has been visited by 70 thousands people from all over the world. Here are some screenshots reflecting the statistics.

First. The average daily visiting


Second. Statistics of the most popular posts


As you see, some of them are in Russian and some in English.

Third. Countries reflected in statistics are as follows






Statistics says a lot, but much more tells the project development. The Levelnaut ABC has been updated weekly and sometimes daily.

New ideas, features and even directions appear practically every day. Sure, sometimes we don’t cope with translation of all the materials into ENGLISH, but anyway, everything will be translated. Meanwhile Google Translator (its button is placed right side of each post  in every page) helps all our readers to get the hot news and to get involved into the project.

Now we also work much over Project Branding, and very soon you will also get information to the subject. Still all your proposals are welcome, you may send the to boris.siomin@gmail.com or to  elenbase@gmail.com

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