This game is not for everyone

One of my old friends has sent me today his feedback to the LOYAL game and to the book about levelnauts (New Year – every three months).

He is really a very good guy, we had done our military service together many years ago, and I respect his opinion very much.

The general idea of his feedback was as follows – “This game doesn’t suit me. I am used to solve all my problems daily and I am glad if something could be done in the daily limits. I don’t make the list of goals, I have them much more than ten every day and so on”.

Now, inspired by his feedback, I would like to say a few words to all potential readers of this website and the book.

My dear friends! Try to understand just one thing – this game IS NOT FOR EVERYONE. There are many other games in the world, but we don’t play the majority of them.

You can check, whether it suits for you and accept if it does. If not – you can easily find some other games and to play them or not to play at all.

Nothing personal, nothing ironical, nothing abusive – just a recommendation. Thank you for understanding!

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