Introduction. Where are we going?

In Russian, there is a very popular song in the cartoon about Winnie The Pooh. This song starts with words “Where are we going with the Piglet?” So, the situation is quite the same, the characters are positive and optimistic, just like levelnauts. Plus one more common detail is present in this picture- the destination point is “A Very Big Big Secret”.

But it is much more important not WHERE ARE WE GOING, but HOW. I will come back to this point a little bit later, at the end of Introduction. First of all I have to explain WHO WE ARE.

So, the matter is as follows. At the beginning it had been just a GAME. All this book is devoted to this game, so I think all necessary details will be mentioned and explained here. But the first question is – Why should I share this idea with all of you, readers of the book?

The idea is very simple – to share positive and some useful lifehacks with other people. And the game itself is a concentrated dose of pure positive. Believe me.

You know, some of my friends had advised me “to monetize that all, and then to sell”, but I didn’t like this approach, I think I can get much more… sharing all that free. So I started realization of my B Plan.

To this moment I had already clearly understood that game’r rules explanation and preparation of certified GIs (game-instructors) is not the same and stopped worrying about “monetization” at all. So I focused on some positive moments and did not think much about “my idea, that could be stolen”.

On the other hand, I can get many advantages at once. First I get a real, involved, massive focus group (I mean you – my readers. I have a chance to get your sincere comments, feedbacks and recommendations. And they are also very valuable for me, as the can help making the product of a better quality.

Third. It is extremely hard to keep secrets in our modern life, in the era of internet, big data etc. That is why many universities propose now their special courses not only free, but also in the”open source” variant.

I will try not to be boring with some scientific, special terms and concepts, complicated formulas and so on.As I don’t like all of them myself. On the other hand, in this guide book will be mentioned all the rules and terms existing currently at the game LOYAL (Levels Of Your Advanced Life).

So, if you are ready, we may start our trip. But mind, that still we don’t know the destination point, we can not know the final of the game, but we exactly know how to go.

So if the idea of the book is interesting to you, if life style of levelnauts attracts you somehow, you may subscribe to this website and to join this way to our community of levelnauts. The only thing I can promise, that the trip will be interesting and positive,

Yours, Boris Siomin (to the moment of writing these words — 2nd Level GI 9levelnaut of the second level and game instructor, GI.

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