Chapter 1. It Couldn’t Be Easier

Today I would like to tell you about the main stages of the game LOYAL and about some more important details.. But first, let me share with you one, better to say, lifehack.

Some of you, reading these words, do their sport exercises in the morning. I do them too. Moreover, have several options for this procedure. And sometimes I involuntarily “turn on my brains”. Sounds funny, doesn’t it?

On the other hand, it is not so funny, but natural to think over some plans automatically. Especially when the day is supposed to be a “hot” one.

So, that is why, instead of counting sets of exercises (when I work with weights), I start to calculate some money or time expenses of the actual day. My mind works quite in other direction and as a result it doesn’t fix what is going on in reality.

What to say in such a situation? Is it the right time to meet sclerosis silently or to start worrying about some health problems? Nothing of that kind. At least for me. Sure, I could try to write down the number of sets or to do the same by means of smartphone. But I found another solution. I had just added some extra sets if I would have forgotten the right current quantity of them.

This way, I got a new useful habit  – to be more attentive and more concentrated at my sport trainings. My self-preservation instinct and creative approach helped to cope with the problem.

Why have I told about this episode? Just in order to underline the simplicity of game LOYAL rules. You should only write down 10 goals (which potentially could raise you up to the next level of your life) and try to achieve them in 3 months period of time. That is the MAIN rule. It sounds very simply, doesn’t it?

Yes it does. But in fact, in this game there are so many nuances that every time you have to be surprised.

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