Chapter 2. I Need Nothing

“I need nothing. I do everything I can without any games. I do not understand why do I have to include this 9or that) into my List of Goals?” Approximately this statement was made on the eve of our third level beginning, by my wife, my partner in the game LOYAL.

On the one hand, it was unexpected for me. On the other, I understood perfectly well, what she had meant.

There are special methods for setting goals. You can, for example, use the SMART system or any other. But all of them require at least a little introspection.

On the way goals for each level are set, depends on whether “you will be raped or satisfied by the sex”. I hope my readers will forgive me such a comparison, but often it resembles exactly the mentioned procedures.

In the game LOYAL, everything is concentrated on “achieving the goal at any cost”, but on forming useful skills. And this is one of the main tasks of game instructors (GI)- to help novice players – to choose and to formulate their goals correctly.

The fact is that even a single word when setting a task for a three-month period could be extremely important.

I promised to back up my story with examples. Well, now I’ll tell you about the incident mentioned at the beginning of this chapter.

When we both (my wife and me) had got the idea about what does it mean “no goals”, we clearly understood that the real matter is completely different.

The first mistake my wife had done was the postponing of goal setting process for the last day of the second level, and to be more precise, on the first day of the third.

Exactly for this reason one of the goals of her third level became “DAILY writing one goal into a draft for the next level.”

When you need to think during the day of one thing that might be useful to you (even fantastic ideas are welcome), then the mission does not seem so impossible.

And here is one more example. Under the terms of the game, you can not include the same goal in an absolutely unchanged form into List of Goals of subsequent levels.

In the two previous levels my wife had already included into the list of goals an item about “studying English” in two different ways.

And both times it had come to the blocking of the goal (how exactly it happens in the game, I’ll explain it in a special chapter). Therefore, at first she categorically refused to include anything connected to that into the new list.

She pretty well realized that “it is necessary to her”, but did not understand how to achieve the goal.

We had analyzed the situation together (don’t forget, that I am not only her partner in the game, but her game instructor as well), after that she was offered two new options.

First of all, instead of tedious, time-consuming, daily hours of study, I offered her to listen to it for 25 minutes only (why exactly 25 – I will tell you later) of the audio recordings of the same lessons.

And secondly, she agreed to practice a 15-minute English colloquial training during our joint weekly sports walks, which we are used to do three times a week.

Thus, concerning to “English improvement”, two new goals were immediately included into her new List Of Goals for the third level. Similarly, many other points were analyzed. As a result, by the middle of the day a new, very high-quality list of goals for the next period was created.

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