Probably, it has been a little bit longer title for the chapter. But you’re not in a hurry, are you? You are not reading this chapter and at the same time looking at the clock in the lower corner of the computer screen, are you? What?? What do you mean? You are eating a sandwich and drinking coffee to all that??! Oh, my.. So, Julius Caesar, comparing with you, is just a “pissing boy”!

However, I don’t mind, and we will continue clearing up things more important and more interesting. Let’s start from being some kind of creative robots. What do I mean saying that? I mean that time changes everything rapidly. Sometimes we can not follow all that changes.

So, on the one hand we have a routine. That is everyday duties, work, business, things which should be done very punctually and thoroughly. On the other hand, if we do not use all our creativity, we will never get out of this “white wheel”. And mind also, that I haven’t even mentioned our “hope to rest” yet.

How many great coaches have ever tried to organize your time? How many techniques and systems had you tested before you were convinced that exactly in YOUR case – “nothing works”?

Sure, in a certain period of inspiration, it may seem you (or maybe not) that you “have got tangible results” and “life is changing for the better”. But in a year or two, or even much earlier, you are again in “you know where”.

Now we are coming closer to the famous Russian Literature question “What to do?” If you think that you will get any specific instructions now, you are deeply mistaken. I would just advise you to continue searching for the “golden mean”, searching for “harmony and balance in life,” seeking order, organization and confidence in the future.

And the key word in this recommendation is “YOUR own golden mean” and “YOUR personal balance”. No one should impose anything to anyone else nowadays. Because sometimes, for example, you come to the doctor and you are ready to write down to follow his advices and recommendations about “healthy lifestyle”. But finally, it is not you who writes down them, but THE SURPRISED DOCTOR.

Of course, I exaggerate the situation. Or I do not? Today, for every inhabitant of the planet, such a huge flow of information collapses, that everything depends not on “what to do’, but on what to do in EACH SPECIFIC CASE. And then everything depends on what filters are available in your quantum computer, which we call the brain.

If we talk about levelnauts, then, of course, they play a game. And what is our life in reality??

Okay, I see that you are already tired of philosophical exercises, so we will come back to the practical part of this chapter.

And here we can find the following. Time is very important in the game LOYAL. It is possible that you are familiar with the “technique of tomato” by Francesco Cirillo. Moreover maybe some of you actively use it. I, for example, do it. And some of my daily tasks, I break it into “tomatoes”, that is, for periods of time of 25 minutes, plus 5 minutes of rest.

But unlike this technique, I do not aspire to collect as much as possible “a plentiful harvest of tomatoes daily”. This thing does not work for me. Some of my daily tasks are more convenient for me to break into shorter intervals – 15 or even 10 minutes. I try to do it so that I do not feel strong pressure upon myself.

Sure, levelnauts are trying to become BETTER FOR THEMSELVES in each three-month period of time, that is, for the next level. But we are not trying to do this by ANY PRICE. And as practice shows, it’s possible to “become better” in a much more comfortable way – by forming useful skills, correctly organizing your daily life and day, correctly controlling the fulfillment of the set goals, creatively approaching everyday affairs and cares.