Chapter 4. The Arithmetic of Love

I don’t have a slight idea wheather you like math or not. But one thing I know for sure, is that levelnauts have no problems with the calculations. We do not even need any complicated applications, like smartphones or calculators. We need them fjust for a few simple actions for the final report of each level. Every calculation could be done even in mind.

Each goal must be completed in a three-month period by at least 50%, otherwise it is canceled, once the theoretical opportunity to overcome this boundary disappears, even with the Game Booster (I will tell you later about this tool).

As to the daily task (goal) – it is monitored on a daily basis (in contrast to the Challenge), and it should also be accomplished no less than half. Otherwise, the “day” is not counted.

At the final calculation, a calculator is needed, but the calculations are very simple. To go to the next level, you should get totally more than 50% as to the final level score.

If you received less points, then the level could not be considered as “passed”. Each goal must also be fulfilled by at least 50%. It must be taken into account that the number of days in each level is different.

From January 1 to March 31 – 90 days (except leap years, when the days – 91), from April 1 to June 30 – 91 days, from July 1 to September 30 – 92 days, and finally, with October 1 to December 31 also 92 days.

Naturally, if during the passage of each level you have canceled any of the goals, then it will be more difficult to overcome the 50% threshold. And if you have already lost the theoretical opportunity to overcome it, then there is no sense to continue this level, it is better to focus on the next one and try to avoid mistakes when setting goals already in it.

In this case, do not forget that your partner, possibly, continues his level passing and you can also switch your attention to helping him in achieving the desired result.

That is why, it is worth of passing each level to the maximum from the very beginning. After all, apart from the abolition of goals, there are also all possible force majeure circumstances that can interfere with the game.

On the last day of each level, you do (this time with the help of a calculator), the final count, during which you determine whether you have passed the next level or not. And if passed, then with what assessment (average score, which is calculated as ordinary interest, based on 10 goals, despite the fact that if you have canceled goals, then they were rated “0”).

And if the level has been passed, you can creatively celebrate the New Level Day together with your partner (we’ll also talk about this holiday in a special chapter).

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