Chapter 5. It’s a pity to screw up…

Everyone can continue the title of the chapter. The main thing is that you perfectly understand not only what do I mean, but also how does it happen usually. I am sure you have your own examples of that.

Saying this phrase, I am referring to the main engine of the game LOYAL (Levels Of Your Advanced Life). Despite the “clever” name, “inside” it’s pretty primitive. But even with our clever definition of homo sapiens, we are still inherently animals, although highly organized. There is, of course, the option of turning into cyborgs in the near future, but they say that “not everyone will be allowed to”.

Of course, I’m kidding a little. And seriously, in this game the main thing is not high motivation or even audit of a partner (who can check the fulfillment of your goals for your next level at any time), but the unwillingness to screw up everything, that has been already gained.

Now they talk a lot about the gamification of life. Even many of the world’s leading companies are trying to implement this tool in their promotion on the market, so the levelnauts, in this regard, have come out in a trend.

Precisely because at first we are sorry to lose the starting point from our “to do list”  (a list of tasks and tasks planned for today), then you are sorry to lose the partially fulfilled goal from the List Of Goals (now you already know that this is a list of ten goals you pass in the next three-month period level). And finally, you are sorry to lose the partially passed level as a whole, so you switch on the Game Booster, which we’ll discuss a little bit later.

So, on the one hand we use some moments of various technologies, from the gaming of life, GTD by  David Allen, Pomodoro by  Francesco Cirillo, The Desire Map by Danielle Laporte, on the other, rely on the most primitive human instinct – “reluctance to do everything about … » But as practice shows, the latter is often stronger than all the others.

So, you’ve already got acquainted with the basic rules and principles of the game and learned about its main “engine”. Well, now you can move on to the details.

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