Chapter 6. The Game Booster – to help you

We continue to get acquainted with the tools and chips of the game LOYAL (Levels Of Your Advanced Life), and today in our Focus is Game Booster.

What is this “beast” like that? In fact – it’s a very good beast, which can later become not only completely tame, but also bring a lot of benefit to your personal economy.

True, it appears in the game only on the third part of each of the levels, and even then – if only it is necessary.

The fact is that after passing two thirds of each level, that is, after two months, you can find additional reserves of strength, time and money.

Where will they come from? It’s simple – by the beginning of the third month, some of your goals, from your next level, will already be achieved, some “on the way”, and some (it’s possible, because life is life), by this time will get into “Canceled” category.

Accordingly, at the last stage, you will be able to transfer the released reserves to those goals that have not yet been fulfilled, but which have at least a theoretical chance to be fulfilled.

The most interesting is that at this stage some theoretical chances become real, and “possibly achieved’ goal finally turns into completely realized one.
However, if you pass all the level right way and all your goals had been appointed correctly, then there is no reason to switch on Game Booster.

Remember that the task of each level is not to fulfill the set goals “at any cost”, but to help them in forming useful skills or habits (or at least to see them) that will be useful at this stage of your Life.

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