Chapter 7. The challenge is accepted!

In each of the List of Goals for every level of the game – there are two types of goals – common goals and challenges.

Let’s define what is the difference between these two concepts for the game LOYAL. The main difference is that the goals should be easily controlled. That is, their implementation can be tracked not only in the course of the level as a whole, but even within a single day.

Challenges, on the other hand, can also be performed throughout the entire level, but monitoring their implementation is either complicated or completely impossible.

You seem to challenge yourself, and set a goal that, in principle, can be performed every second (you think about it, you set yourself up, you prepare mentally , you take any steps or actions, etc.), but in your List of Goals all this is not displayed, and only one is indicated, but the most important point, at this stage.

For challenges are very suitable large, bulky goals, which can be broken into smaller ones.

Let’s look at an example. Let’s say you have serious problems with your teeth. Because of them, you experience serious discomfort, periodic pains and other troubles.

If treatment is required not just one, but several teeth at once, that means not only some extra time, but also suitable mood and most importantly – money. All of the listed items are difficult to gather, but in the meantime the problem is only worsening and it becomes more difficult to solve it.

Therefore, it is possible to enter into the List of Level Goals, for example, such an item “Start dentistry”. And to register it as follows in the list, deciphering what you mean by this:

Start treatment of teeth (- determine the place of treatment, – allocate time in the schedule for visiting the dentist, – collect the necessary amount for the first installment, – assign the first meeting, – pay for the consultation, etc.)

In this case, achieved at 100% will be considered the point where all the clarifications specified in brackets are implemented. The fewer sub-paragraphs there are, the lower the percentage of this call. And if it is below 50%, then in the report on the passage of the level, these data are not taken into account.

As practice shows, in the list of goals of each of the levels there is no sense to include more than three challenges. Although, as has been said many times, if you are not a professional game instructor, then you can try any game variants.

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