Chapter 8. Multi-goal justifies all the means

Slightly paraphrasing a well-known proverb, I want to introduce to all levelnauts and other readers  the notion of “multi-goal” or combined goal, which means practically the same. That is, in addition to the usual goals and challenges, you can also operate with this tool.

A multi-goal is, in fact, a routine task that can easily be included into the List of Goals, but preferably not more than one or two at each level. Otherwise, the load on the level may be too high, which threatens with the danger of canceling other items on the list.

For example, in the complete List of Goals it may look like as follows “To make all the purchases from the specified list” and then decipher what exactly they could be: “… 1. To buy a new outfit; – 2.  To buy a new computer chair, etc … up to 10 of them ”

It is desirable, that all purchases were real, approximately corresponding to your incomes (or were hardly above them under the price – for you to be more attentive to other expenses).

However, in the same list can be easily included smaller objects, to which you “never reach the hands.”

Also it is advisable that not much then bother with the counts, make the number of items in the list equal to 5 or 10. Then it will be easier to calculate the final percentage of this goal.

Multi-goal can mean not only purchases, but also some other small tasks, united in one direction. For example, “To read books on business (and it is necessary to write the list of these books) or” To make a copy using xerox copies of textbooks “(and specify the list).

This formulation of tasks is very convenient for the correct distribution of your life resources when passing through the level. In addition, to perform a multi-goal, you can always turn on the Game Booster.

On the other hand, the performance of multi-goals is of great motivational importance.

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