Chapter 9. The Power of Good Habits

I try to learn useful lessons from everything that happens to me throughout my life. This is very helpful for maintaining a positive mood and further advancement through the levels.

While writing this chapter, I recalled my experience of working with Herbalife. I will not now discuss the so-called “human factor”. In my opinion, this point at the company is a weak link, as well as the “Soviet system of leadership” and sluggishness in the modern world.

I will pay more attention only to some positive moments. And they, in fact, could be observed. First, the very idea of ​​”making the world healthier”, which was promoted with the brand, was good. It’s another matter that the world was not ready for it forty years ago. The world was more tinterested, on the one hand in “fast food”, on the other, to “fast”money.

Therefore, there was a skew in the direction of the last one. And now to restore the image, even with the help of sponsoring various sports or social projects is extremely difficult.

However, I did not mean to say this. I wanted to focus on one of the main principles of product promotion – on the formation of healthy eating habits.

In my opinion, this is the right and good approach, and if not for the “human factor” mentioned above, the company could have a good and bright future.

The formation of useful habits and skills, and not only in nutrition – it is always true for many people. And lately, in the light of the looming on the horizon, if not immortality, then at least, the seriously increased period of active life, the significance of that moment has increased even more.

In the reverse, it’s extremely difficult to convince me, for I see at what pace the number of runners and walkers on the walking track along the Haifa Bay grows.

I also see perfectly well that the kolkhoze methods of universal sanitation do not work. “Super popular and super effective diets” do not work, “healthy life clubs” practically survive, even in spite of the willful efforts of their organizers and creators, special chatter-box programs become obsolete even before their authors write scripts, etc. Today everything is VERY IINDIVIDUAL Time, again, in the light of the events described above, becomes an even more valuable resource, the rhythm of life is different for all, the possibilities to escape from the “squirrel’s wheel” are even smaller.

But this is only on the one hand. On the other hand, robots throw people out of their jobs, technologies are developing rapidly, artificial intelligence is coming, bigdata becomes the main tool, the basic income is not only being discussed, but has already been successfully implemented in some places. And this all leads to the fact that a person will be able to pay more attention “to his beloved”.

This is where the progress in life is very important and what useful habits and skills, (that means our life investments), we do have. We are already simply enraged by an instructor in the gym, who does not understand the basic things that happen to us, working only by one pattern with everyone. We are not satisfied with a nutritionist recording only our observations and checking with information on Google, etc. And it’s simply impossible to get to professionals who “trims the sails to the wind”.

Therefore, it is extremely important to learn how to change your own habits independently from the point of view of “usefulness”, constantly acquire new habits and skills, try to develop yourself at any age and at any time, despite the external conditions. For, otherwise, you can drop behind significantly from the main caravan.

.Returning to what was written at the beginning of the chapter, I will say that three months are often enough to consolidate some useful skills or habits, or at least to set them. In addition, the three-month period of passing the level very well shows how useful they are, how strong and effective they are for further improving our lives.

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