If the word “partner” tells the readers about a lot, then who is “jiay”? I will disappoint you now. Jiay- is just another name for  “game instructor”, which I mentioned earlier. The term itself arose from the English abbreviation “GI”, which in fact means “game-instructor”.

And now, we will dwell in more detail on the difference between these two concepts. If the jiay does not necessarily take part in the passage of you levels, then the presence of a partner is an indispensable condition of the game.

Just as it’s impossible to play tennis, LOYAL game always means having a partner. However, unlike the same tennis, you compete not in personal agility, trying to catch a rival on the mistakes, but in the ability to qualitatively pass your own next level of the game.

The maximum that a partner can afford, virtually “going to your territory”, is to do an audit (LevelCheck) of the fulfillment by you of any of the set goals of the level. But since in partners you choose a person you trust, then this procedure is more formal.

Of course, you can show any evidence of passing a level or accomplishment of a specific goal, but this is more a matter of “personal curiosity”  than careful data verification.

Let me remind you once again that the main engine of the game is what was described in the fifth chapter of this book.

Initially, the game involved the close relatives, members of the same family (which very much promoted the family itself), but then friends and just close people began to paticipate as partners.

You should exchange with them (before the start of the next level game) lists of goals (List Of Goals) and they, just in case (audit, loss of your personal list, etc.), store a duplicate of your list.

As for jiay, he may not be in the game at all. It is possible that you have already mastered a lot of profile information yourself, read books on self-development, you can easily apply the “wish card” (Danielle Laponta) and “compass and clock” (Bodo Schaefer), for example, or other known tools mentioned earlier in this book.

If not, it is advisable, after all, to contact jiay and ask for help with supervising the passage of the first level. If you correctly put all your goals, you will use all the tools correctly, then the result will be completely different. You will be able to see how the game can change your whole life for the better.