Chapter 11. Who is a jiay?

Since we have found out with you what the difference is between partner and jiay, it makes sense to understand more in detail who is jiay and who they can be at all.

First of all, it is important not to confuse the concepts of “jiay” and “Jedi”. The Jedi has a lightsaber, the jiay has only certain skills and abilities that he is willing to share with ordinary levelnauts.

You have already understood his functions from the previous chapter of this book. but anyway, you need some explanations and you will receive them now.

Jiay (GI) or game-instructor is practically the same private coach or coach, as you like. He does not “teach you how to live”, does not dig in your brains and does not heal you. He only helps you to set your goals correctly and provides supervisory support in the course of monitoring their implementation.

And, officially, he can do this only once, all the subsequent levels you will pass by yourself. Jiays can have their own classification. It depends on their experience and on the number of  levels they have passed personally.

For example, the term Third Level GI means the following:

This levelnaut is an official, certified game-instructor who has undergone special training in one of the centers of levelnauts (LNBase) – the Local Base of the Levelnauts, led by a more experienced jiays;

He himself passed three of his personal levels at the moment;

He participates in the project officially, his data is entered in the register and he has his own personal certificate issued by the Project Management Center. Of course, you can pass the levels yourself, be a supporter and a promoter levelnaut lifestyle etc., no one forbids this.

Moreover, it is quite possible that all the data you get during the passage of the levels will be useful to you when the whole of mankind passes to a new phase of its development and you will need to restore data about yourself before transferring them to artificial media, for example.

If you smiled at this place, then read this book again, but not in 2017, when it was written, and in 2027, for example.

In general, summing up, we can say the following, if you are inclined to help people, then it makes sense for you to become a levelnaut officially. This does not prevent you from being an ordinary person with all your life characteristics and preferences (including political, religious, etc.). At least, this profession has much longer perspectives than many other existing ones.

But before contacting the Project Control Center about this, keep in mind that jiay education is conducted exclusively in English (they need to be mastered, at least at the Intermediate level) therefore, the mastery of English can already be easily, directly That is the reason to include this item into your List of Goals, by the way.

English-speaking partners may not think about it, but this does not cancel all other conditions for obtaining an official certificate – that is, passing a special course run by a more experienced jiays.

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