Chapter 12. New Year – every three months

And now, it’s high time to explain why this book is called this way and what kind of tradition is meant here.

In fact, levelnauts do not call anyone to cancel their usual family rites or traditions. Simply, we have additional reasons for joy in the game LOYAL.

Every three months the result of passing the next level is summed up and if it is positive, we have a new reason for joy. In fact, you have not only become better for yourself, but you have also a chance to observe the figures and data of that.

And then – it’s the matter of your personal attitude to this event: whether to consider it your personal holiday, or not. Continue to celebrate only others’ traditions, or add to them your own, relating exactly to yourself.

In my personal belief, a whole year is too long period for summing up the results , for making new resolutions and for assigning new goals. Especially taking into account how rapidly our life is changing nowadays.

In my family – the New Level Day, that is, the last day of every previous game period (December 31, March 31, June 30, and September 30) is the most significant holiday.

We are not only happy to sum up the past life span, but we are trying to do it creatively. I want this day to be remembered, so interesting places are chosen for its celebration, gifts are prepared and the scenario of the event itself is thought out.

And, it is not necessary to do it at home. You can even go abroad or to those places in your country that are special for you etc. Here everything depends on the flight of your imagination.

Either way, by the last day of the level, you will already be roughly aware of whether you “pass” your level or not. And even if you do not pass by yourself, then there is no sense in depriving your partner of joy (in the case that he passes his own according to preliminary estimates).

In the case that the level is not passed by both of you (which is not so likely, if the goals were set correctly), then of course, there is nothing to celebrate. This day is just used to “reset” and reconfigure for the future.

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