Chapter 13. Elprentice is an apprentice

Today we will have a very substantive conversation, we will discuss the options for learning from the jiays, that is, the game-instructor. As you probably already guessed, learnining  the game LOYAL is possible in two ways – real and virtual.

You yourself agree with the person teaching you how this will happen. Sometimes it is enough a few minutes to understand all the basic rules of the game and even prepare to pass the first level.

Another thing is training of jiays, or game-instructors. This is actually an ordinary training course, consisting of 20 lessons. During the training, a person passes his first official level under the guidance of a certified game instructor (SGI) and, at the end of this course, the learner himself becomes the official game-instructor (GI or jiay) in the game LOYAL.

Since the main mission of the game is to assist in the self-development of a person, as well as in the formulation and implementation of personal goals, the draft provides two payment options for this very training.

First. You can pay a course to your personal jiay, which you can choose from the official Game Register, by agreeing a payment method directly with jiay. Their pricing for the course of jiay is exposed, as a rule, based on the cost of an hour of their working time and it’s already your own business – to agree with the terms of training or to choose another game-instructor. All contact and other information is indicated in the Game Register on this site.

Second. You are not ready to pay the course with money, but you can work it out as an apprentice or, as this function is called in the game, as an elprentice (L-Prentice).

In the case jiai suits this option, then you will also find information about it in the Game Register. After that, you will only have to contact, directly, with jiay, to inform him on the indicated contacts about your willingness to learn and about the way of paying the course by cash or by working out.

After that, the jiay sends you a file that offers payment terms – if financial, it indicates exactly how and if by means of working off, it also indicates options.

As a rule, these are simple tasks that any person can perform. For example, post information about his services on bulletin boards or write a review about something. Again, you discuss the terms of the workout with the game instructor personally.

But remember that it is the jiay after the end of the course that gives out (or sends) you a game instructor’s certificate (getting it in the Project Control Center will cost him $ 10 at the moment).

In addition, if training (or coaching, depending on the local requirements of each country) requires registration of entrepreneurial activity, then it is necessary to formally pay taxes for each activity you have done with it.

Therefore, you regulate all your relationships independently and only in case of misunderstandings, you can contact the Project Control Center,

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