Chapter 14. What sponsor do you mean?

Yes, dear readers, maybe some of you will be surprised, but in the game LOYAL are provided … sponsors. What kind of sponsors? “Same as in multi-level marketing?” – you will probably ask. No, much more self-serving.

Sometimes these people are not only financially interested in passing you this or that level. For example, vitally interested. Wow, this is the layout! Yes, that’s right, otherwise I can not call it.

To make it more clear, I will give an example. At the time of writing this book, I’m Boris Siomin, 2LevelGI (that is, jiay of the second level) is interested in having my partner in the game Oxana Danovich (also 2LevelGI) better command of English. This is my personal interest. That is, in the future this will not only benefit this player and our family unit, but also the business itself will advance.

Therefore, I decided to additionally sponsor one of the items of its List of Goals in the current, third level, with an additional $ 100 (in case this goal will be realized not less than 90% and the whole level will be passed not less than 50%).

We plan to introduce certain paper and virtual sponsorship checks in the game, which will be not so much money signs, but elements of support and trust, as well as indicators of the sponsor’s interest in passing the level-one level.

In principle, if you collect enough of such sponsor checks, you can not think about other sources of income during the passage of the next level. But so far this mechanism has not been launched massively, but it is only being tested.

Thus, sponsorship in the game LOYAL is an additional engine of internal motivation. And, as we see, this thing is useful not only to the one who is being promoted, but also to the very person who promotes it. That is, everything is honest, open and profitable.

Of course, all the moments associated with the game in the game require refinement and development, but the rational grain is unambiguously present in this.

As for who exactly can be a sponsor, there are practically no restrictions. The main thing is that everyone clearly understand their roles and the rules of the game.

That is, everyone is aware of the fact that this is just a game and it’s a private matter for everyone to give money to it or not, to agree to a dispute or not.

There are no official financial or legal relations or obligations in this moment. All this is just questions of honor, trust and compliance with the rules of the game.

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