Chapter 15. Elevents, lifehacks, chips

Actually, this topic has already been raised on the project site, but today I would like not only to “refresh” it directly for the book, but also to clarify some important points.

I’ll start with lifehacking, as the term “lifehack” is familiar today to almost every person, not to mention active Internet users, like levelnauts.

They have long realized that learning something is beneficial with the help of just lifehacks, because they not only prompt very interesting solutions, but also save time, which is especially important for the levelnauts.

That’s why jiays (game-instructors) pay so much attention to self-education just to lifehacking. Teaching novice levelnauts technique of the LOYAL game, they at the same time, give many important life advices to their wards.

As for the “elevents” (L-events) they have several purposes at once. In the ABC of Levelnaut it is said this way: “… L-Events – any common, collective action of local or regional community of levelnauts …” That is, elvents are joint, collective actions of the regional community of levellavt.

But if, for example, Local Guids events (that is, the Google community, mentioned in the materials of our site) are aimed at collecting any information, then the informationin elevents is filtered, and selected only useful for levelinauts.

In addition, it can be a variety of actions, of a very different nature. For example, a Friday half marathon (morning walking on various surrounding routes) can also be easily attributed to elevents.

Of course, all the meetings at the local level that take place in elenbase (LNBase), that is, on a local base, also fall under this category.

Well, and finally, if we talk about the “chips” of the levelinauts., then everything is simple with them. Chips are everything that has not yet been taken officially, that is, something that is not mentioned in the ABC of Levelnauts yet, but can be tested on a personal level.

As you can see, the terminology in the project is already enough, but this is not surprising, because it is available in almost every game.

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