The word “base” has the most direct relation to games. It is presented in sporting terminology, and it is used in court games and even in maps.

Therefore, the fact that the levelnauts have their own base is also not surprising. Besides, this term is applied even in relation to space research. And when we say “to build a base on the moon”, then everyone understands what is being said.

True, unlike the lunar base, the levelnaut base or, in the language of this game terminology, the elenbase (LNBase), is much less extremal. If you already draw analogies, then it makes sense to dwell on the notion of “training base”.

Here we train levelnauts, solve various organizational issues, including the acquisition of appropriate equipment, parts of equipment and branding, which we will talk about in the next chapter.

If you look into the history of the levelnaut movement, the first elenbase was opened on the basis of the English Club Haifa (English Club of Haifa) and the first jiays were trained there.

Of course, quite a significant part of our life is spent online and, and it is obviously, the trend will only be developed in future, but no one is going to forget the communication and activities in real life.

In addition, the new levelnaut mostly wants to communicate with living people, like-minded people, more experienced players, jiays, and elenbase is the best suited place for such purposes.

Therefore, the levelnaut bases are an integral part of the community and much attention is paied to them in the project.