Chapter 17. Branding-Schmending

For some of yiu, dear readers, the title of this chapter may not seem too serious. Well, I congratulate you, that’s the way it really is. On the other hand, if you take things too seriously, then one day you can burst with awareness of your own importance and bombast.

Besides, in the country where the author of these lines lives, I mean in Israel, building such a spelling “ruler” (to anything) is quite popular.

Thus, the local residents, rather experienced in all matters related to “business”, seem to hint that the promoter is not too dispersed, but in practice showed what he is.

And since in practice there is still nothing to show especially, we will speak today only of “branding-shmending”.

No, of course, all this sounds interesting and tempting – there is a game, there is already even such a mysterious title in it, for example, as “jiay of the second level”, there is a team that develops ways of promotion, thinks through applications and crypto currency, there is even this Book that you are reading, but …

But, from the point of view of local residents, it’s all so far only “branding-shmending.”

Of course, all the chapters of this book will be finalized and supplemented, new members will join the team, new ideas and terms will appear, because the game is exactly for that.

Fortunately, this opportunity to present the project allows you to declare about it, and to refine some of its points in the course of the matter.

Therefore, while we are not talking much about branding. Suffice it to say that six months ago Google gave a zero issue on the request of “levelnaut”. So, wait and see. In the meantime, thank you all for your attention. Ahead – only a Conclusion.

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