Payment systems

Today we will consider payment systems that can be useful when working with crypto currency on the Internet. There are a lot of them, and many of them have very similar functions, but there are small differences in terms of use, commissions, efficiency, promotion, etc.

1.  Payeer is a very popular payment system and despite the relatively high commission always works fine. The support service responds in a clearly stated timeframe and in essence. Earned money, you can always withdraw in the nearest to the home ATM using a plastic card. The cost of ordering and delivery of this plastic card is about $10 and within a very short time (in my opinion, something about two weeks maximum), it will be already with you. There are restrictions on the amount being issued, but after verification of the account, this problem will be removed. The functional of the payment system has a many-languages versions, and the card itself is tied to the international payment system MasterCard.

2. OKpay – is also a well-known and untwisted payment system. There is also a plastic card tied to MasterCard. There is also a few languages versions, detailed instructions, as well as a lot of buttons in my account, which are easy to understand.

3. Perfect – one of the most “ancient” payment systems, which is a definite plus in the financial business. Despite its “antiquity”, this payment system works both with fiat money and with crypto currency.

Of course, there are many other payment systems. But while these will be enough for you, and in the meantime other proven services will be added to this list.

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