Actually, there is absolutely no problem with the exchange of the cryptocurrency today. It can be exchanged on most exchangers, mining services or payment systems for internal exchange.

But sometimes there are situations where it is easier to go to the exchanger, much easier than elsewhere. Therefore, let’s make a short review, where we consider the most popular exchangers of crypto currency.

1. I personally use the Changelly, service to exchange cryptocurrency, or I change it directly inside the Eobot mining project. With the first I have a special relationship. Once an interesting situation happened, I made a mistake but the service representatives very competently and quickly solved the issue (and with a minus for themselves). And then got me as a reliable devotee. It’s a very simple, but reliable service where transactions are made very quickly.

2. – monitoring of exchangers, the most popular, perhaps, in Russian-speaking internet and that’s it.

3.  is a service, in principle, with standard terms of exchange, but with a good affiliate program, thanks to which you can receive from 15% to 30% commission.

4. – the exchanger that changes everything for everything and immediately. More precisely, this is an automated platform that allows instant transfer from one electronic currency to another.

This list will also be constantly monitored and only the most current and profitable crypto currency exchange services will be added to it.

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