To earn cryptocurrency doing tasks

In addition to all the usual faucets for earning bitcoins, there are still some opportunities in the profile market. Some of them certainly deserve attention, and to others it makes sense to look closely and decide for yourself wheather it is expedient to stay there.

1. —  autosurfing and manual surfing for bitcoins, suitable for beginners or for those who want to promote their projects.

2. – project, that pays 11 kinds (for today) of cryptocurrency just for visiting this website. The money is not big, but the “work” is not too hard.

3. — very interesting, and in my opinion, a promising project for earning BRO’s. Just by listening to pretty high-quality radio channels and earning money on it.

4. – as you probably already understood from the title, On this site give out prizes. And here it is really possible to receive prizes and crypto currency for free, only by performing certain actions.

5.  – bux, website for reading ads with affiliate program.

6 – BitVideo is a pay-per-view project video, performing various tasks. After registering and confirming the account, specify: – the WZCQLZ code in the Earn-> Airdrop section to receive the bonus 500BVC; code BCOPZJ to receive a bonus of 100BVC. Also there is a system of levels, at the first level there is a limit on the output of 10000BVC per day, performing tasks, you will raise your level and the limit will increase to 150,000BVC per day.

7 – Memeus project works on blocking technology and will allow you to receive Ethereum for viewing and publishing memes.

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