Bitradio – the report of pleasure

Now, it is high time to sum up the monthly use of the Bitradio website. As you guessed by the name, it’s about internet radio.

At once I will say that I am making this report with great pleasure, since this service has already given me a lot of fun. Here is a referral link to this wonderful website, that is, not only you enjoy it, but this service… pays to you.

I will tell about it later, before that I would like to share my positive emotions with you. And they really are, because this service is very convenient.

If we say metaphorically, then we can say that this service is like my pet. Yes, exactly. It is like my own dog – listens attentively “my mood”.

It’s not just about music genres, here you can find plenty of them, to any taste.

But you can go another way. Choose a broadcasting city and you can easily listen, for example, local news, in the local language.

I can listen (depending on my current mood) to Radio Chanson, Discotheque of past years, Modern hits, Italian music or just some local, Israeli news.

And in order not to play with the speakers, I quietly start up the sound through the headphones that are hung on near the screen of my comp, on the table. This sound power is enough.

Nothing irritates you, everything is OK. If anything bothers you, then just screw the sound at the headsett. Everything is simple and absolutely without any stress.

It is also very easy to understand the functionality of the website. It is very simple, there are separately listed cities, separately charts. Choose any and listen.

And now a few words about payment. Here you get paid … for listening. You are paid in the new cryptocurrency, which is called BRO (most likely, the abbreviation of bitradio), and not from colloquial “bro”.

At the moment, this crypto currency has been just at the process of forming. You can watch how it will “gain weight”. I think that this project has great prospects, and therefore the coin will develop and strengthen.

But, to be honest, even if there were no such an opportunity, I would still use this service. It is really good and convenient. This is all I can say on the basis of the monthly use of Bitradio.

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