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This post is especially done for those who are interested in ICO and new cryptocurrencies that appear on the profile market almost every day. To put some order in this chaos, you can follow the calendar, which publishes various some special resources.

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Here, a short list, which is enough to get the common idea

You can save some of these websites in your Favorites

1. — is one of the most popular resources, existing on donations, but quite informative and reflecting the essence of events.

2. — is the rating of the approaching ICO, that is, there is not only their description here, but also the estimation of the resource itself.

3. — is a calendar of events from the ICO sphere, where there is a button that allows you to join the tracking of them.

4. С — another schedule of events, so the site is called “Coin Graph”. There is a lot of interesting accompanying information.

5. — a site called the “ICO List”, and presents information about upcoming, beginning and ending events. All individual lists and with additional information.

6. С is another list of ICOs preparing, indicating the conditions for participation in each of them.

7. – one more seriouce website, pay attention to the “Raised” in table.

8. – ICObazaar is a crowdfunding platform for blockchain projects, and an information resource for those interested in crypto crowdsale phenomenon (aka ICO – Initial Coin Offering).

9. – This project was started on another domain and as simple tool exclusively for personal purposes. But after few weeks 4 investors from gave me some reason to enhance it into public state and call him ICO Tracker.

10. –  ICQ perfomance tracker, much useful information.

11. ICO4YOU is a rating portal that provides information on projects in the field of blocking. The site evaluates startups that plan ICO using a special scale.

12. – this site is in Russian, so here you can learn and understand everything much better.

13. is also a very useful resource for approaching and operating ICO, containing a lot of useful information.

14. Icoholder Ultimate Rated ICOs

We strongly recommend you to follow this website in order, not to miss some very interesting and important information.

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