Miracles happen today, however skeptics and pessimists do not ache. One of the confirmations is the story of a schoolboy from the American state of Idaho Erik Finman.

Three years ago Erik made an interesting bet with his parents. with own parents. He put on the fact that if he earns one million dollars by the age of 18, they will not send him to study in college.


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Why such a lack of love for knowledge while difficult to understand, because the boy’s parents – Paul and Lorna met was at Stanford University in the 1980s, when Paul received a master’s thesis in electrical engineering, and Lorna was going to write his in physics. So, it is inappropriate to talk about “genes” in this case, but this is not so important.

The fact is that back in 2011, this young entrepreneur invested a thousand dollars in bitcoins, which were donated to him for his grandmother’s birthday. For the sake of justice, it should be noted that he did this following the advice of his brother Scott.


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Then the value of the crypto currency was $ 12 per token. Now Erik Finman has 403 tokens in stock, which already at a price of $ 2,500, is already more than a million.

And given that virtually all forecasters predict bitcoin very large growth, you can only imagine how rich the boy will be in the very near future.

“I’m proud to say that I did it and I will not go to college,” Eric told CNBC in an interview. – The school was lousy. One teacher said that I do not need to quit school and go to work at McDonald’s, because that’s all I’ll do for the rest of my life. I did the first part, “he said.


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It should be noted that the story of a teenager conquered and inspired America. It very successfully combined children’s ambitions, entrepreneurial skills and hard work. That is, all those values ​​that are actively promoted in the country. That’s why Erik Finman was noted by many news channels, and even earned praise in the technology community.

Already being in the money, Erik Friman launched an online education company Botangle, which would allow the same “disappointed students” like himself, to find teachers for video chat.

Before starting the company, he went to the Starbucks and offered to buy coffee, to all those who listen to his idea and respond to it. There were 20 people.

Relying on launching his first company, he “spread his wings” and continued his experiments, but already in the start-ups of Silicon Valley. At the age of 15 he moved to San Francisco.


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Now Erik is working on several projects, including with NASA, to launch the missile through the ELaNa project, created specifically to attract students to their teams.

By the way, Erik still does not recommend the current education system in the form in which it exists. He believes that the same Wikipedia or YouTube can give a person, in terms of knowledge, much more.

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