Buxes for earning bitcoins

Work with buxes is another way of earning bitkoynov, which is very similar to the opening of faucets, but still different from it.

The first and most important difference is the lack of captcha, which causes a lot of trouble and is extremely annoying if Google suddenly decides to identify you in the ban and slow the display of the captcha.

Second, each box, unlike the cranes, at one time offers to visit a couple of dozen pages or perform a much larger number of tasks.

Yes, the buxes also have their own element to check if you visit the advertising page, but it is extremely simple and just one click to go to the next viewing.

As with the buxes, the relevance of the site is very important. Too much turnover of sites that work in this area. But we will keep track of them, moderating them and always selecting the best ten to “collect the cream”. In your comments, you can easily suggest new ones or discuss the work of those listed in this list. So, let’s go:

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