Bitcoin will be tens thousands dollars

Now, let’s remember today’s date – this is August 8, 2017. Let’s just say, this will be the day of one of my official forecasts.

If we take the “unofficial offset”, then in a close circle of friends and relatives I already did a lot of those. Sometimes it even managed to accurately name the day of the event, which could theoretically happen in six months or more.

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In more general terms, and not at all, what was supposed and what was later realized. Maybe that’s why I’m impressed by the main Google futurologist Ray Kurzweil, whose activities I’ve been following for a very long time and very carefully.

However, despite the seemingly fantastic nature of his projects, I believe that Ray is cunning and gives himself a “reserve”. Sometimes he does not hide it, hinting that he is “very cautious”, but in fact, most often it all happens.

So, closer to the point. Today I want to express my assumptions on bitcoin. Based on my personal experience (in no way based on any scientific, and even more mathematical calculations), I can assume that in the near future bitcoin will cost in the current equivalent of tens of thousands of dollars, and the current “penny” – satoshi will be quoted approximately as The same dollars.

Do not believe a word of what they say or publish in financial circles. From banks you will not hear any adequate information, they are simply feverishly preparing for a “changed picture of the world.”

In all financial structures and divisions, departments for working with cryptocurrency have been working for a long time – secretly or not. And one day, people will simply be faced with the fact that there is no more fiat (traditional money), but there is a “crypto-money,” which, in turn, is also a transitional phenomenon.

By the way, many rich people also, explicitly or secretly, have long been transferring some of their savings to bitcoins, feeling wrong and trusting only their genetic natural flair for money.

Cryptocurrency is a logical, well-inscribed concept in the overall picture of the development of the world. Fiat, on the contrary, looks today like his friend “TV,” an invariable attribute of someour grandfathers, who despite all his conservativeness sometimes peeks at news about Future and go mad even from what they understand. Although they understand there no more than half.

So I personally do not doubt for a minute that such time will come and it only remains to note good quality drinks that day when what is indicated in the title of the article will occur.

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