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Why is Ilan Mask so afraid of the advent of the era of Artificial Intelligence? Because he is a practitioner. Because today he is in the forefront of humanity and well sees what many others do not see. I think that he is not afraid of the advent of the era of Artificial Intelligence, but of the fact that humanity is not ready for the onset of this very era. I think I understand him well.

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The fact is that for the last several years I have been trying to follow the changes in the world and the proposals that the future is preparing for us. I even made for myself a special special selection of websites that help me in this. Otherwise, I simply could not do it physically.

In my opinion, we can not avoid the era of artificial intelligence, it will somehow come. But we can be much better prepared for this. In other words, we can try to eliminate, or at least greatly reduce, the gap between what we read on these sites and what we see when we go out into the street.

In other words, we need an immediate, urgent, global revolution in education. Then humanity, at least, will have a chance, if not to resist Artificial Intelligence (for it is impossible in my opinion), then at least be ready to control and manage it.

Of course, Artificial Intelligence is not a dog that calmly guards your house, and then one fine morning comes and tells you in a human voice: “So, my friend, everything will be different now,” but your shock will not be less.

What can be done to make the situation not so shocking? I’m a teacher by training, so I’ll talk about what I see from my field.

At once I will say that I am also a practitioner, I experiment a lot in my own teaching and in self-education. Recently I even wrote a book in which I tried to suggest a new concept for self-education. Unfortunately, in my opinion, the concept of the book has become irrelevant even faster than society would have had time to prepare for it. This, of course, is terrible, but the matter, as I see it, is still fixable.

How do I see this very revolution in education? Immediately I will say that there is no clear picture, there are only a few scattered ideas, but one of them may well turn out to be something whole, if much more specialists join in.

1. The first thing I see is a complete transition from collective learning to individual learning. Collective learning dies. And no matter what – child, adolescent or adult. It does not give today the effect that mankind can oppose Artificial Intelligence. In order to create one product today (a project, a gadget, technology) today requires very high-quality efforts, very many specialists from different industries. Therefore, this product is often much “smarter” than a single individual.

2. Collective education very quickly lags behind. Today starting to study at the university, you run the risk of ending it “in yesterday’s day.” The fact is that many educational institutions are extremely conservative, they work according to curricula, which were adopted almost … decades ago. Although they should be guided by what will happen tomorrow.

3. I do not know exactly how modern education should look like. But in an ideal model, each person should be both a teacher and a student at the same time. Almost absolutely any inhabitant of the planet knows how to do something well or very well. Very many know something deeper in their industry than others.

Education must be more mobile today. It might look like a Google search query. For example, someone wanted to learn “how to nail the cornice in the kitchen,” and someone wants to learn “how to become an astronaut.” A special application on the smartphone connects it with the schedule of someone who knows what to do and there is a quick connection of supply and demand at the local or visual level.

A student pays for this service with the help of a crypto currency and assesses the level of training. From this the teacher’s rating is formed and then all these endless examinations, tests and preparations for them become meaningless. You appreciate life itself, it also stimulates you to ensure that you yourself have acquired as much knowledge as possible in large areas and as high as possible.

Your daily schedule will be very mobile at the same time, consisting of when you train and when you are trained.

As soon as possible, get used to the idea that production will soon end. At least it will end for people. A little more and this area will completely take away from them robots. Will remain the sphere of services. But it is quite possible to combine it with the sphere of self-education.

As for schools, here and at all humanity should cease to lie to itself as soon as possible. Parents, for the most part, send their children to school not to be ready to call tomorrow, but in order not to spin under their feet and do not interfere with survival.

Cosmetic measures, such as changing curricula, introducing new disciplines, retraining teachers, etc., we will not achieve anything today. Every year, with each passing day, we lose the battle to Artificial Intelligence. And if nothing changes, then a shock awaits us.

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