Recently, I began to pay attention to the statements of some “financial magnates” (I do not even want to give their names here so as not to advertise them). Before, I did not do it, I did not care much for them, I just read the news about the near future and understood that Fiat is dead. Well, or almost dead, but it is supported by an artificial respiration system, feverishly updated by the same “financial magnates.”

Why did I start to pay attention to all these idiots? Yes, because the louder they squeal, the more obvious the end of the era of fiat money. And I am very happy about it, so the crypto-currency is the future, and the Fiat is already the past.

Just do not be too flattered about their squealing. They are not as simple guys as some think. You just need to clearly understand that if they shout “Biktoyn bad!”, Then they are already full of crypto currency. By the way, you can read about it again in the news. And on the most important enemy bitcoin from JPMorgan Bank in Sweden on the eve of suing, due to the fact that he was just in a quiet, supposedly for customers to buy up there with might and main etherium.

These magicians still have a lot of tricky tricks, otherwise they would not have made their fabulous fortunes. These people never invent anything, they always focus on the less protected part of society, which can be deceived.

Therefore, I simply encourage all my friends to pay close attention to bitcoins and crypto currency. So that later, one fine day, these same rogues did not start to sing completely different, but already fully prepared and re-arranged under new conditions.

I do not know how to convince you of this. in my blog, I specifically try to show how you can start working with bitcoin absolutely without any additional attachments, I tell you how the world of crypto currency is arranged, so that you will not be so scared to go into it.

Do not believe me, just open those news sites, about which I wrote above and you will understand everything. Fiat money is already just like beads for natives. The entire banking system will simply collapse at one point, if not completely rebuilt. Maybe you do not know, but absolutely in all the major banks of the world, there are already almost secret departments for working with block and bitcoin. And some, the most sane, have already started accepting deposits in bitcoins.

Do not tell yourself: “When the time comes, I’ll figure it all out!”. This time has already come. And all these cries of opponents bitcoin- the most vivid confirmation of this. Fiat is a corpse.

Once again I advise and recommend, begin to get acquainted with the crypto-currency world . Do not pay attention to the fall and take off bitcoins. It’s just a correction of the course, which one way or another grows. And you yourself know this very well. More trust your instinct, your own analysis and understanding of what awaits us in the future. And then, these screamers will not win, but will lose. And they will not be able to make everyone fools again.

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