First of all, I want to apply to devs and explain my position. Guys, you do a lot of work to promote your new projects, I understand it and I understand you perfectly well. But also I would like to be understood by you.

The matter is – your bonuses are too small. You understand it and it is naturall. For me it’s OK, I don’t complain Smiley But, frankly speaking (and I think you understand it) I take part not only in YOUR BOUNTY program, but in some more in order to get some real profit. So, I take part in a dozen of bounties usually.

It is very hard to control the situation and to be 100% effective in all bounties, it is practically full-time working day Wink But, again that is not the deal I want to talk about. The matter is – now I prefer that project, which organize bounty campaign more thorougly, whih make special websites or at least special pages for that.

I don’t mention now creativity, however it shold be present too. For example, currently is going on bounty-contest of Open Money. It is very good, interesting and quality organized project. I sholdn’t think myself “where to go, what to likem what to repost etc.” They do everything themselves. I just get the tasks everyday and that’s all. Also is well organized Anryze bounty, BTCsearch and some others.

So, I am a very “small person”, but I have many firends and followers. And what I say – could be a kind of signal to you. I stop taking part in bounties, that “want me to do all their work and get pennies for that”. Current project is the last one. Also I refused to take part Twitter, FB and allother social networks promotions (sorry, SpaceICO devs), though initially agreed. I went on participating only in bitcointalk forum signature campaign with that one.

Since now, I will take part only in Bounties, that propose a special page or websute for that. It also could be a kind of filter for fake projects. Not totally effective, but just one more.

Thank you for understanding, devs. Also I would like to get opinions of promoters and people, who take part in bounty campaigns.

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