“What is that?” What is this new phenomenon on the Internet? “In fact, the phenomenon is completely new, and many well-known services have long introduced this service. For example, the same Google provides it for several years and many actively use this proposal. But only here is the thing – Google does not pay anyone for participating in the project. I hope that soon this monster will disappear from the Internet altogether, like obsolete junk.

Then who is actively acting on the market today? There are a lot of such projects and they all pay, at least regularly, for using the information we distribute.

For what and how we distribute it – this is another matter. Someone, such as this blog, needs to replace the Cyrillic alphabet, and there is no possibility to insert the corresponding plug-in. Someone promotes their projects and services, and wants his links not to become familiar. In other words, there are many reasons for using such services.

Therefore, we will have our own list, which we will follow together, supplement and update as necessary.

List Of Links Shorteners

1. Btc.ms
2. Link.cc
3. Adbilty.me
4. Adyou.me
5. Coin.mg
6. Cpmlink.net
7. Coinlink.us
8. Getsurl.com
9. Oke.io
10. Coinb.ink
11. Psl.io

If you are interested in bitcoin, Crypto World and the Architecture of Crypto World, then feel free to click on this link.