Open Money – what is that?

On the one hand, it is the bridging mainstream softaware to the blockchain.The mission of the project is – to foster the use of cryptocurrency in mainstream software and solve blockchain distribution for app developers.The OPEN Platform will be the way for mainstream software developers to both distribute and monetize with crypto

On another hand, it is a project, which has just announced its upcoming sale of tokens, includes modern APIs, SDKs and best industry practices to facilitate the integration of software applications into the block chain.

Using our REST API, application developers will be able to accept all types of crypto conversions without having to rebuild their applications from scratch. Those who participate in our sale of tokens will help to decide that we should be a billion dollar problem that is struggling for a real world solution,

The greatest interest and perspective give those projects which focus on the development of infrastructure services. Especially if they are concentrated in the area of mobile devices, which now have the total distribution.

Therefore, the project is quite interesting for long-term investment with a view to large-scale development. Experienced team and competent distribution share tokens on ICO give confidence that all will go well, and investors will not have long to wait. You can safely add to your portfolio.

If you are interested in taking part in this project and to invest your money, you are welcome to the site of the proect, where you will be able to get much more details, interesting facts and proposals.

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