Social Networks And Cryptocurrency Earning

In addition to the well-known in the people Steemit and GOLOS, there are other social networks where you can not only communicate, discuss various events from the crypto-currency world and receive useful information. I already told about some of them in our flashmobs, and I’ll tell others about it for the first time today.

1. – the first number in our list today is a social network, which is paid in bitcoins and in the etherium. The owners of this project, apparently, are in China, but the language support for the site is available in many languages, so there is nothing to worry about. Another thing is that the site has not yet been made to the end, there are a lot of flaws, but let’s hope that as administrators develop, they will eliminate them and improve all the functionality.

2. С – this is not quite the usual name for the ear, which can be pronounced like this: “crane – a social network.” Before Facebook, it is still, of course, far away, but the idea is good, and by the way, not the first of this series, which we mentioned in our reviews. Everything here is very simple, a few rules and nothing more unexpected and frightening.

3. – is a very interesting project, social network. There is a possibility of earning on the referral program and many other interesting and useful chips.

4. – a social network, the registration of which immediately pays money – 635 Zonto. Well, and then you can earn in all sorts of ways. An interesting project, besides it is financially motivating at the same time.

5. – a social network that pays the MaxxToken crypto currency for participation in project. Despite the fact that formally the domain of the project belongs to Brazil, it is an international social network and here revenge is a lot of interesting.

6. is a social, educational network aimed at promoting Bitcoin Cash and BitConnnect, a self-regulating financial system.

I will also remind you that the most recent and up-to-date information, first of all, can be obtained by those who subscribe to our channel in Telegram faster and there are many more interesting options. Good luck in the Crypto World.

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