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It would be wrong not to collect all the bonuses together, which can be obtained during the ICO and bounty campaigns. Of course, almost all of them have already been mentioned in our previous flashmobs, but everything was there separately. And in the most interesting list Top Flashmobs – Coins Free – they were not included at all from for the fact that ICO bonuses are a temporary phenomenon.

Therefore, now we will catch up and collect all the current bonuses that have been issued recently, and at the same time we will indicate some results of the past events. But, just mind, that All ICO Bonuses  – is not the same as affiliate programs of ICO

So, today’s list looks like this: (Bonuses paid) Website for bounty is closed.

С – here at once give 10 coins strong>, and then add one coin for each daily visit. (Bounty continues) 50 coins give free of charge for registration in the project. (Bounty continues)

С – on this resource you can get a comsa coin from the Japanese developers and project organizers. True, it is not yet known how much they will charge the coins. (Scam – didn’t pay for 98 regferrals) – (Bonuses paid) – this is the name of this new service. Swift demand – you can call it another, is the main experiment of income. Every user who subscribes to the service of this service receives 100 coins every day (!!!). I do not know how long the owners of the service plan to issue this coin and what will be its value, but so far, things are exactly like this. (Bounty continues) – today you have a unique opportunity to get free 50 coins mUTN – from the project UTN checker only for registration, although there is also a referral program here. The roots of the project are Russian, but according to the creators – We invented Smart Money. Let’s see how it corresponds to reality and how we will get our bonuses. (Bounty continues) is a new coin from the project. Open Money is a technology API platform designed to stimulate the widespread use of digital currencies by consumers. By clicking on the link you will be able to participate in bounty-actions and earn a decent amount of etherium. (Bounty continues) – the first coin you can get for free, more precisely, the coin is a coin , which is called Datum. The Datum network is a decentralized ecosystem designed to work with user data. First you can get 400 coins, 100 for each entry (entry) – this is a link in social networks. Among all those who received the record, 10 winners will be selected (selected randomly) who will receive an additional 5000 dates of tokens each. (Bounty continues) (Bonuses paid) – another very interesting project. This is a kind of open purse for POS-mining. That is, here you can observe in real time how your coin is filled with coins with JSEcoin coins. Moreover, if you have your own website, then you can earn these coins and with it. And, for this you just need to place one code on your website or blog. (Bounty continues) Pre-sale will be closed on 4th of December. – as you probably already guessed from the domain name of the project , his team plans to make a coup in the social networking market. Well, we will not deny it in this pleasure, Mark Zuckerberg has already gone for popcorn, and we in the meantime, we will receive coins, which the future revolutionary network leads to the right and left. To begin with, when registering (after confirming the mail – give 200 tokens, and then for each referral for another 200. (Bounty continues) Sphere’s ICO is set to launch on January 15th, 2018. (Bonuses paid) – this coin is the next in the review . It’s called, as you already understood from the name BitSmartCoin or, in the abbreviated version of BST. Nothing special to do is not necessary, just go to the link, register and receive a balance of 100 coins. Then you can participate in the bounty program, attract referrals and earn even more. but this is up to you. (Bounty continues) – (Bonuses paid) – this is an ICO coin that was expelled from China. the project is called Iquant Chain, and the coin is IQT. Here, 2 such coins are given for registration, each of which goes for about 5 thousand satosh. The project plans to create a 1-st decentralized, safe, convenient, intelligent and global platform for asset trading. (Bounty continues) – and another decentralized platform, but this one times for investment. And here you are offered to get 20 PCO coins, which cost about $ 30, but only after registration in the project. But this business is not difficult, so do not stop wasting time. (Bounty continues) – from the name of this token you can guess that it’s about flying. Yes, that’s right, the project plans to link its line of business with the drones. For registering 50 Teleporter tokens. To confirm verification, you need to take a screenshot of your referral link and send it to the Verification field. (Bounty continues) – as many as 500 coins SpeedCoin offers this project as a bonus for registration . All you need to do to get it is to download for a couple of minutes a purse of the system. Besides. the project has a referral program that allows you to earn even more. (Bonuses paid) is a new gaming platform for ICO and learning crypto currency. Billion Hero gives out to everyone 5 coins for registration, 5 coins – share a link in social networks. The number of coins is doubled for 5 invited friends. (Bounty continues) – a cacheback service built on the Bittle blockbuster. We register on the site, confirm the mail. In your account, you need to specify your etherium purse (the Bittle Tokens tab), then get 1 token. Additional bonus 15% of the cashback from each purchase of the referral (the Affiliate program tab). (Bounty continues) – 50 CPT tokens can get anyone interested for registration in the bounty campaign of the CoinPennant project. Also on the site of this new platform is a referral program, with which you can receive dividends. (Bounty continues) – if you’ve already heard about the TBC coin , THE BILLION COIN, then now you have a chance to get it for free. You will be presented with her Santa Claus in the amount of 0.00025 TBC or in other words, you will be given as much as 25,000 Kringle. All you need to do is go to the link, activate the registration and create a TBC wallet in one minute (you will not even have to download anything). Coins will immediately be in your purse, if you do everything right. (Bounty continues) – ADSCASH coin, they immediately give out 25 tokens for registration. The company has been engaged in the advertising business since the beginning of 2017, in the future they want their token to be used instead of the dollar in the advertising industry. Do not lose time, register and get tokens. (Bounty continues) Action coins for your account are sent immediately after registration / Also this project, connected with tourism, offers many other, additional opportunities to get these coins. (Bounty continues) – 20% of the CNX coin offers a referential program for the Cryptonex project, which has its own blockbuster platform and many other interesting tools. (Bounty continues)– the Accelerator Token project offers not only to participate in the free distribution of its tokens, but also in the referral program. It is quite attractive and it makes sense to participate in it. Only there approval of the administration is required, so it is necessary to wait a little. (Bounty continues) is a bounty from the CryptoManiacs project, with original tasks. published in the social network Facebbbok. But in principle, everything is simple there, so anyone can join. (Bounty continues) – a very interesting project, a bounty competition from similar to the one that is carried out by the Open Money project. Here you should hurry to get very big wins and gifts.  (Bounty continues) – is a distribution without any doubt, because to you on a purse, right after registration you get 20 coins from the Refund project. They then promise to redeem them. And on the website of the project there are a few more opportunities for obtaining additional coins.(Bounty continues)  -is a new project, created specifically for bounty hunters, who will also have their own tokens, and those registered before October 29 will receive bonuses for registration, in the form of these coins. (Bounty continues) – раздача монет и партнёрская программа от проекта UniCoins. Mонеты сразу у вас на эккаунте после регистрации. Призы, понусы, подарки, ставки и многое другое. (Баунти продолжается) – pay attention to this project from the POW token . Not only is he made quite an original, so he pays. Just registering and logging into the site via Facebook account, this must be taken into account. – register with the Nextdex project site to receive 5 tokens of this coin. You can also take part in a partnership program and earn a lot more ICO scheduled for November. – this site is given 500 coins of DLBX ($ 500 Value ). According to the organizers of the project, 1 DLBX can be sold at a price of 0.00001btc. The very beginning of the sale of the token is scheduled for 11-19-2017. is a decentralized social platform. A great opportunity to get 5 tokens of the coin SOL. the project looks interesting and it makes sense to take direct participation in it and in the partnership program. (Bonuses paid) – thanks to this project you can get coins Logarithm LGR . Logarithm (LGR) is a new kind of crypto currency. Cheap, minimalist transfer fees. Each ETH-address will receive 555 LGR. Each referral will add you – 55 LGR (Bonuses paid) is the platform for implementing content and information. It offers to share this information for money and immediately charges 500 of its tokens for registration and connection to their accounts in social networks. (Bounty continues) – immediately get to the purse; 5 coins from the Deex project. And then you can try to earn even more by participating in the partnership program of the project.

TenderCoin is a bounty program from the Tendercoin project. We already have such a form of participation in similar projects, so we join it calmly and take an active part in the project. – The new ICO project with its bounty program, called EcoWealthFoundation. The name does not say a lot, but the project regularly charges tokens. – a project with a loud name and serious ambitions. But at the same time, with bonuses for registration and participation in the bounty program. So far, we join, we’ll see how it will move forward. – an interesting project, here for the performance of simple tasks are charged points, which in the future can be exchanged for prizes. There is also a partnership program. – the Landing page of the UCoinCash project, which plans to put its own token, which has a UCH symbol. As far as this is real, time will tell. – bounty program of the trading platform bit4g .com, thanks to which you get your VIP Bonus Promo Code, which can be implemented immediately after the official opening. – a very interesting project with all-important prizes, competitions, bonuses and awards. There is the possibility of blogging and microblogging. Airdrop, bounty, affiliate program, etc.  – simply signup at Investy Demo to receive free IVC tokens worth 10 USD after token sale. – a decentralized exchange based on a blockbuster offers an airdrop, that is, distribution of their tokens, which can be obtained after the end of the ICO. Everything as usual, there is also a partnership program. – new airdrop, and bounty origram of the project Giftcoin, the world’s first cryptocurrency for charitable giving and good causes. you may also take part in affiliate program – affiliate program from the Kela project, website address In my opinion – this is a very serious project, I have been working closely with him since the very beginning. Here is my article in Russian about it They have just launched aт affiliate program,so join, I highly recommend it. – NeoConnect is a decentralized self regulated financial payment network created for users. Start of the ICO of this project is on 5 December 2017 -From creators of the project IdeaCoin -ICO Crowd Sale starts on 20th November 2017 until 10th December 2017. We give 16.5% for Referral. ICO Crowd Sale 10,000,000 IDEACOIN Tokens -500 Rupee.Z Lottery, website, positioning itself as Decentralized, Secured Payment Option  – Earn daily interest from the Nucleus lending program. An Income solution for passive investors. Affiliate program 15 USD (20 NCL TOKENS) for each referral – Crypto Markt (CTM) is a digital currency, which is based on the Ethereum blockchain technology. The number of CTM is limited to 82 million coins.– decentralized marketplace built on the basis of the blockchain technology wit affiliate program. Users can promote advertiser’s content on their social media networks.  – airdrop from CryptoBar project. internet community. 500 BAR will be distributed to the first 8,000 users who register. Bounty, Affiliate program.  – bonus for registration in the project DemiCoin is 20 DEC. Lending, staking, bounties and even more features. Affiliate program. – Zero Effort Savings Blockchain and AI. Multy-Currency wallet. Video promotion in YouTube and Affiliate Program. – 1000 Free ACT coins giveaway. Achain is a public blockchain platform that enables developers of all levels of experience to issue tokens, smart contracts. –  Rutheneum Coin (RTH) is digital new cryptocurrency based on cryptography that was created in 2017. Social network, Rewards, bonuses, bounty, affiliate program.

ZeroSum – bounty contest of ZFX, ZeroSum project. Many interesting and profitable prizes, rewards and so on. Affiliate program for all participants. MIX you can get just for simple registration in airdrop. MIXIN project has it’s own network and affiliate program.  – Zeepin is looking forward to your participation in building a better and enriched world! Millions of Zeepin tokens are on the way! Rewards, prizes, bounty, etc.

SuchApp – SuchApp is a blockchain-enabled, multi-channel messaging platform. Bounty. Affiliate program with interestung contest and prizes.

Titanium BARs – 1000 Titanium BARs Cryptocurrency. 1 Winner will be drawn at random. Referral contest, prizes etc.


Closed, do not pay, not a bounty

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