Bounty and ICO affiliate programs

It’s time to find out one important issue and delineate the concepts of “Free distribution of coins and tokens” and “partner program of the bounty and ICO.”

This need arose due to the fact that many participants in our projects can not understand why they did not immediately receive tokens or coins for registration in the distribution of coins.

I explain that in the ICO market recently there have been a lot of projects that do not want to give coins and tokens for free, that is, solely for the purposes of advertising and promotion, but are only interested in recruiting new participants, who in the future can be interested in participating in the subsequent development and distribution coins.

Therefore, in our lists, it makes sense to make a clear distinction and show separately one and the other separately. Thus, in the list of All ICO Bonuses, from now on will only be presented bonuses for registration and participation in free distributions.

And this list will include links to participate in the affiliate program. If the project provides both first and second, then it will be listed in the first list, that is, All ICO Bonuses.

This list will be carefully moderated and updated.

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4 thoughts on “Bounty and ICO affiliate programs

  1. Referral Program
    Each member who creates an account receives a unique referral link
    to share with friends and family and receive a bonus – 5%
    of the value of their contribution…. soundeon….

    1. Здравствуйте! Возможно тема и интересная, но теперь уже не “наша”. Наша специализация – это крипто социальные сети. Если будет информация на эту тему, то – пожалуйста, можно с реферральной ссылкой, без проблем.

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