Airdrops, Giveaways and Bonuses of ICO

Now it is simply the golden era of virtual money, the most real crypto currency boom. Every day, dozens, if not hundreds, of new projects appear on this profile scene.

Many of them offer so-called airdrops, giveaways and bonuses, that is, all kinds of gifts that serve to promote these very projects. This is understandable, money motivation has always worked, it still works.

But only how to find the right information, how not to run into speculators, how to determine in this sea of ​​benefits and not to consume all that you have? Of course, here you need experience and monitoring of just a huge amount of resources.

Today our channel on distributions and bonuses ICO is one of the best and most effective in Telegram. Suffice it to say that we track more than twenty profile forums, and a much larger number of websites, social groups for crypto currency, etc.

The project participants already received rather serious sums of money only for following our advice, checking personally published information on the channel and accepting the most favorable offers.

As for the timeliness, the reports are submitted here permanently, online, you can at any time go to your account in Telegram and immediately start acting by checking everything that has accumulated during this time. It is very convenient. this saves time. And time, as you know, is also money. Especially in our impetuous, daily changing age.

As for the feedback, despite the fact that the channel broadcasts “one way”, it is very easy to contact the administration of the project. It is enough to leave your comment to any of the articles on and write down everything that is necessary. This is very convenient, especially given that until the comment is approved, other users will not see it and you can even write personal requests or wishes.

If you are not yet with us, then we invite you to join us. Once again, we recall the address of the channel or it can be found by the name Coins Free. All good luck and profit, see you on the channel!

The channel is in Russian, but you may easily translate it with Google Translator- links are much more important.

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